Werner’s Going Green

In December 2015 we were approached by Carbon Friendly Enterprises (a local indigenous owned and run business ) if we would like to get an Energy Audit & Energy Efficiency Opportunities Site Assessment that may answer some of our electrical issues plus bring to light where our consumption is being used.

It took some convincing but eventually we decided to place our trust in Carbon Friendly (CFE) and gave them the “Green Light” so to speak. The first thing they did was perform a detailed load profiling assessment which revealed several things about our company and the way we operate as well as the underlying “harmonic” and dirty power issues that was causing our high value assets to fail. As they explained electronic parts do not wear out, they burn out and this was the cause.

Having identified the cause, they worked with us to provide a permanent fix using state of the are power management equipment and verifying the results. To date we have gone from a position of high exposure to almost Zero breakdown downtime due to electronic/electrical failure. This gives us and our clients confidence and to ensure that our customers can rely on us to deliver on time a high-quality product every time.

Letter of Accreditation


Our Journey

We partnered with CFE to introduce and implement an effective Energy Management plan as part of how to operate, incorporating Energy Performance indicators (EPI’s) as an integral part of our KPI’s.

Taking a long-term view and a staged approach, viewing this as an opportunity to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving our operation and reducing our Carbon Footprint.

This carefully planned approach was as follows:

Stage 1

  • Harmonic Mitigation & Power Factor

Stage 2

  • Intelligent Lighting Upgrade to Led
  • Tariff Renegotiation
  • Air Compressor & Air Conditioner
  • Hot Water temperature adjustment

Stage 3

  • 63.6kW Solar System installation

Stage 4

  • 82kW Solar System installation

Stage 5

  • Register as a Power Station
  • Export Power
  • Become a Carbon Neutral Workshop

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