Werner Engineering Goes Green and Lights the Way for Mackay Industry

Local Companies Werner Engineering & Carbon Friendly Enterprises (CFE) join forces and eliminate 50-70% of Werner’s 2017 electricity bill with 171,000kg of CO2 being prevented from entering the atmosphere annually as a result. Werner Engineering have recently relocated into a brand new purpose built premises located at Silverton Crt Paget in 2013, raising an important issue that building design and the lowest construction quotes have relatively nothing to do with best practice in energy efficiency as demonstrated in the 50-70% energy cost elimination measures taken by Werner as further outlined below.

Werner Engineering’s new “Energy Management Package” was put together with the help of local indigenous owned company Carbon Friendly Enterprises team of professional engineers, international energy managers and technical trades’ people as a first of its kind in the Paget area with the help of significant available government and private funding support. As a result a total of 50% of the entire project cost was paid for with funding secured by CFE on behalf of Werner Engineering across multiple projects with the entire energy management program being structured by CFE in such a way as to gain an immediate positive Return on Investment (ROI) and 50% Bill reduction for Werner Engineering once fully implemented in Jan 2017.

CFE is as an internationally recognized industrial scale energy engineering specialist company that recognises that there is no one silver bullet to energy efficiency and as such a professional methodical approach is required to ensure that all of the pieces of the energy management puzzle fit and work together in concert to deliver an integrated system suited to their clients individual needs and environment.
Werner Engineering’s new “Energy Management Plan” reflects this as well as their need of delivering better quality electricity that now protects the high value assets of Werner and ensures better quality finished products as a result in their delivery of mining scale CNC machining, fitting and engineering fabrication projects. Hence, Werner’s unique energy requirements have resulted in a CFE designing a unique multi-pronged engineering approach in order to eliminate, reduce, reuse, refuse and recycle their energy. Some of the “Energy Management Package” savings were gained from the commercial solar system, lighting upgrade and power conditioning equipment, all sized and installed by CFE to suit the particular site requirements and future proof this local company against volatile electricity price hikes.

However, CFE cautions against the ad hock piece meal approach to energy management as this can lead to a lot of cost with no gain. These particular items were specifically designed by CFE to work in unison with the entire “Energy Management Plan” thereby producing compounding gains with an immediate payback and some with no initial capital outlay required, further amplifying Werner Engineering’s 50% Forecast Energy Bill reduction in the first year alone and 70% energy cost reduction from year 5 onwards. Werner will also reduce CO2 emissions by a staggering 1,020,000 kg of CO2 over the next six years.
Ensuring Werner Engineering’s long term viability with significant reductions in energy costs but also having a long term positive effect on the community, with massive positive environmental impacts and giving Werner Engineering an ethical and social license to operate on a scale not yet seen in Mackay.