Going Green – Stage 2

“Werner Engineering continues to reap the benefits of getting the energy solution right from the start.”

An important part of getting the right result that ensures our company stays prosperous, resilient, meets our clients and our community’s “green” expectation is partnering with the right Energy Efficiency Company and getting the right advice from the people we trust.

We have now proven that the decision made by our Director, Darryl Stark, in partnering with Carbon Friendly Enterprises was the right one.

Now not only are we leading the way in our region by embracing the “Carbon Economy” model but are seeing tangible benefits by meeting BMA’s new “Green supply chain” requirements.  This energy solution ensures we save on our bottom line. An investment that is working in reverse, saving us money by reducing a major overhead.

CFE as a specialist Energy Efficiency Company, looked at our site as a whole rather than giving us a band-aid solar solution. Proving to us they had the skills and technical knowhow to not only provide the right solution from beginning but have the vision to plan so each subsequent energy efficiency upgrade dovetails neatly into the next. As our Stage 1 energy solution was so successful (Fig. 2.), we are at the point now where we will be undertaking Stage 2, installing an additional 82kW solar system to offset the never-ending energy price rises.

Until now, on the 63.3kW solar alone (as part of our CFE Energy Management Package), our existing system has generated 207,145kWh and saved 169.9 tonnes of CO2 emissions going into the atmosphere. Equivalent to powering 25 homes for 1 year, 25 passenger cars driven for 1 year, 205 barrels of oil and equivalent to 2422 seedlings planted. From the success of Stage 1 we are installing a new 82kW system which will generate 88,662kWh/year =72,7metric tons of CO2 per annum. Enough to power 10.9 homes for 1 year, 145 barrels of oil, 13.3 passenger vehicles driven for 1 year.

After implementing Stage 1 and the start of Stage 2 (Fig. 1), Werner Engineering will be cleaner, greener, gain valuable energy assets, free up internal capital, pays less now for power, not be significantly affected by the volatile energy market and have a marked competitive advantage in our region to ensure our prosperity well into the future.

We can focus on delivering a quality service to our customers and our workers can be proud they work for a company that does more than just talk about caring for the environment.

Stage 1 and Proposed Stage 2 Overview

Fig. 1. Stage 1 and Proposed Stage 2 Overview

Fig. 2. Stage 1 Completed in November 2016

Fig. 2. Stage 1 Completed in November 2016

Fig. 2.  Stage 1

Fig. 2. Stage 1